The background of the 1914 car run

This article was found in the Barnes newspaper dated May 21,1914.


Friday, May 15, was White Way Day at Frankfort. The Concordia Auto Club started at eight o’clock with three autos and when they reached Barnes at 10:15 twelve other cars from towns along the route had joined them. P.C. Young met them and conducted them through Barnes Township and on to Blue Rapids. Two other cars, John Wright’s and Wes Rencin’s, joined them here. They arrived at Frankfort at 11:35.

The Atchison Auto Club was joined by cars from the intervening towns arriving at Frankfort at 11:50. In all about 150 autos and 500 people attended this meeting. The meeting was called to order by Mr. Kennedy of Frankfort; at 1:30 J.M. Decker was elected president, F.M. Smith Secretary.

It was moved and carried that the counties of Atchison, Jackson, Nemaha, Marshall, and Washington join the Kansas White Way.

Each county elected a director and also a log committee of five from each county to log and designate a route through each county. H.J. Meilkord of Linn was elected director of Washington County and following is the logging committee from this county: P.C. Young, Geo. Werner, W.W. Beaty, Geo. Paul and R.H. Groom.

The road from Waterville to Greenleaf is logged as follows: 1 ½ miles west, ½ north, 4 ½ west, 1 mile north and 3 miles west into Greenleaf.

Those from Barnes attending the meeting were P.C. Young, L.D. Spence, W.C. Irwin, W. Hiltgen, John Wright, B.A. Holt, E.E. Shannon, Mr. and Mrs. Rencin and son, Noble, Mr. and Mrs. V. Cerveny.


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